About us
Fidns is a leading darts brand that develops diverse materials and manufacturing technology and endows materials with new functions. We aim to integrate design and service to produce a wide variety of exceptional dart products with specific purposes.
We believe darts should accommodate the habit and needs of the general players so that everyone can have a relaxed and enjoyable dart playing experience. At Fidns, we carry darts suitable for either pros or beginners alike to enjoy various dart playing fun.
Fidns provides shared, fun, and enjoyable time creating a new way of interaction and a sense of presence for people.
To prompt the desires of looking forward to the time of "gathering" with friends is the brand spirit of Fidns.
Core value
Setting off with Taiwanese local-made spirit, introducing design and infinite creative components, and integrating various metal and plastic material characteristics to create more extended possibilities, we insist on developing high quality and high precision designer darts to bring forth a new brand image for Taiwanese made darts.